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Bluebell Railway Gala, Feb 2002

Programme number: BLS003
Running time: 27 minutes approx.
Available on Steam Age Pictures Volume 2

Filmed at the Bluebell Railway's Branch Line Gala in February 2002. The weather was typical Febraury: grey, cold and wet one minute, then brilliant low sunshine the next. Five tank engines and one tender engine ran in various combinations with a variety of vintage coaches and trucks. The programme is arranged by engine, and follows each in turn up and down the line. Because of engineering works (following a landslip, if I remember correctly), trains were restricted to the "old" line between Sheffield Park and Horstead Keynes. I suppose I shall have to go back and film the Northern section another time...


Click the thumbnails to see a larger version; all are JPEG files, between about 60 and 100 kB.
O1 tops Freshfield bank
O1 departing from Sheffield Park
O1 with goods train
SE&CR Wainwright class O2 0-6-0 no 65.
80151 runs round at Horstead Keynes BR Riddles Standard Class 4 2-6-4T no 80151. Seen by itself and with Terrier no 672 Fenchurch.
473 Birch Grove south of Horstead Keynes LBSC Billinton Class E4 0-6-2T "radial", no 473 Birch Grove. Seen by itself and with each of the Terriers.
Terriers Stepney and Fenchurch LBSCR Stroudley class A1X 0-6-0T "Terriers", nos 672 Fenchurch and 55 Stepney. Seen together and with Birch Grove. Sadly, my one shot of all three LBSCR tanks together was ruined by torrential rain, and so is not included.
B4 Dock Tank Normady LSWR Adams class B4 0-4-0T dock tank no 96 Normandy.
Fenchurch & Birch Grove leaving Horstead Keynes
Fenchurch & Birch Grove catch the glint
Fenchurch and Birch Grove, catching the late afternoon sun.

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