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China Railtour 2004 - Bonus

Corinne Henman's photos

Corinne and I spent two-and-a-half weeks of October and November 2004 on The JingPeng China Orient Express organised by GW Travel. Whilst I was busy with the video camera, Corinne took some excellent still photos. Here are a few of them. Click on one of the small pictures to see a larger version (10k - 50k).

On the west-bound climb of the JingPeng pass:
SanDiSanDi level crossingQJ 6892 at SanDiShangdian distant signal by the Summit tunnelSunset near ReshuiReshui bridge
and on the east-bound climb:
Shangdian level crossingDeparting from ShangdianErdi, also called Happy ValleyThe tour train on SiMingyi viaductSiMingyi viaductApproaching SiMingyi viaductSiMingyi viaduct from on board the tour train
From earlier in the tour:
JF 2368 at TongchuanA shiny QJ at Daban depotShovelling ash at Daban depot

The video is available on China Railtour 2004 Part 1 and Part 2 - JingPeng Steam Swansong.

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