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Profile of 35028 Clan Line

Programme number: LPR002
Running time: 65 minutes approx.
Available on Steam Age Pictures Volume 6

Built by the British Railways Southern Region in 1948 to the design of O.V.S. Bulleid, and rebuilt in 1959, Clan Line was the antepenultimate member of the Merchant Navy class. In his book "Bulleid Power: The Merchant Navy Class", A.J. Fry (no relation, AFAIK), states "Fitted with a speedometer in July 1961, on the down Atlantic Coast Express on September 23rd of that year it attained 104 mph near Axminster". She was purchased by the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society when withdrawn from Nine Elms in July 1967, the only member of the class not to be sold for scrap, and returned to the main line in April 1974. This programme shows her at work on the main line between 1990 and 2001. I'm very grateful to Adrian & Jackie Pallant for permission to include some of their footage taken in 2000 and 2001.


Click the thumbnails to see a larger version; all are JPEG files, between about 10 and 30 kB. Some of these stills have been manipulated "for effect" (i.e. just to see what happens). Be assured, though, that none of the video has been messed about with!
Pre 1990:
Stills showing Clan Line at Marylebone, Stratford Upon Avon, Salisbury, on the West Of England main line, and at Waterloo.
28th April: Marylebone - Derby and return
7th July & 6th Oct: The White Rose: Didcot - Sheffield
26th Aug: MNLPS Open Day at Southall depot
6th Sept: Test run, Eastleigh - Yeovil Junction
15th Oct: 1st public tour after overhaul - London - Yeovil - Weymouth
4th Dec: Paddington - Newbury - Bristol - Didcot - Paddington
4th Feb: London - Portsmouth - Salisbury - London
9th March: Derby - Didcot
24th March: Woking - Salisbury - Clapham; Waterloo - Woking
25th March: Woking - Portsmouth
17th May: west of Westbury, Manchester Pullmans
11th June: The Strong Countryman
3rd March: VSOE to Portsmouth
12th Oct: Bert Hooker Memorial: GWR - Yeovil J - Weymouth and back
25th Jan: "The Treacle Eater"  B&H - Yeovil J -Salisbury
17th May: "The Waterloo Sunset" with 34027: Waterloo - Andover - Southampton - Poole - Winchester - Waterloo
11th March: VSOE to Bath
26th March: Waterloo - Salisbury - Bristol - Badminton - Waterloo
21st Nov: The Solent & Sarum
23rd Jan: London to Stratford
10th March: VSOE to Bath
27th March: The William Shakespeare: London to Stratford
24th April: London - Salisbury - Westbury - Reading - Waterloo
2nd Oct: "The Treacle Eater" Waterloo - Salisbury - Yeovil
15th March & 1st Nov: VSOE to Bath
25th March: The Mendip Merchant: London - Salisbury - Westbury - East Somerset Railway - Newbury - London.
7th April: VSOE Surrey Hills dining train
21st Oct: The Mayflower: Bristol - Exeter - Plymouth & return
4th March: VSOE to Portsmouth
24th March: London - Salisbury - Exeter - Weston Super Mare - London

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