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Main Line Album 1999

Programme number: MLA1999
Running time: 90 minutes approx.
Available on Steam Age Pictures Volume 16


Click the thumbnails to see a larger version; all are JPEG files, between about 10 and 50 kB.
LMS 8F 2-8-0 48773. (4:36)
2nd Jan, The Midlander (Gloucester-Lickey-Tyseley-Kidderminster-Gloucester): Lickey Bank (Blackwell), Kidderminster.
SR U 2-6-0 31625. (3:07)
9th Jan, The West London Explorer (Alton-Woking-Richmond- N Pole Jct-Clapham Jct-
East Croydon-Redhill-Guildford-Alton): Gomshall, Chilworth, Bentley. 
SR Merchant Navy 4-6-2 35005 Canadian Pacific. (9:07)
9th Jan, The Merchant Capitalist (Nuneaton-Kettering-Victoria): Wymington.
13th Mar, The Merchant Sailor (Didcot-Westbury-Salisbury-Southampton Docks-Basingstoke-Didcot): Upton Scudamore, Southampton Docks.
9th Oct, Charter (Stratford-Walsall-Stafford-Blackpool): Shrewley Common, Mill Meece.
SR Merchant Navy 4-6-2 35028 Clan Line. (11:18)
23rd Jan, William Shakespeare Express (Paddington-High Wycombe-Stratford-Oxford-Paddington): Bradenham, Lower Heyford.
10th Mar, VSOE Special (Victoria-Swindon-Bath-Newbury-Victoria): Wooton Rivers.
27th Mar, William Shakespeare Express (Paddington-High Wycombe-Stratford-Oxford-Paddington): Bradenham, Claydon, Somerton, Kennington.
24th Apr, The Salisbury Spire Express (Victoria-Andover-Salisbury-Westbury-Reading-Victoria): Great Wishford, Pewsey, Wokingham.
2nd Oct, The Treacle Eater (Victoria-Andover-Yeovil-Southampton-Woking-Victoria): Andover, Milborne Port.
GWR King 4-6-0 6024 King Edward I. (7:53)
14th Feb, The Valentine Express (Paddington-Westbury-Salisbury-Basingstoke-Paddington): Aldermaston, Newbury.
13th Nov, The Wessex Royale (Stratford-Didcot-Basingstoke -Andover -Southampton-Weymouth): Thrupp, Kennington, Overton, Monxton, Dunbridge, Lyndhurst Rd, Sway.
GWR Hall 4-6-0 4965 Rood Ashton Hall. (4:40)
18th Apr, The SLS Special (Birmingham-Stratford-Banbury-Didcot-Oxford-Worcester-Birmingham): Harbury, Kings Sutton, Stonesfield.
29th Aug, The Shakespeare Express (Birmingham-Shirley-Stratford and return): Bearley Junction, Danzy Green.
LNER V2 2-6-2 60800 Green Arrow. (8:39)
6th Mar, The Master Cutler (Sheffield-Derby-Marylebone): Harbury.
19th Apr, Test run (Ealing Broadway-Didcot & return): Cholsey, Didcot.
25th Apr, The Mayflower (Didcot-Newbury-Plymouth): Didcot, Crofton.
15th May, The Eastern Envoy (Par-Didcot): Cole, Westbury.
LNER A3 4-6-2 4472 Flying Scotsman. (11:23)
26th Jun, Test Run (Southall-Oxford-Birmingham -Worcester-Oxford-Southall): Culham, Budbrooke, Bentley Heath, Honeybourne, Radley.
25th Jul, The Sarum Scotsman (Paddington-Newbury-Salisbury): Aldermaston.
31st Oct, The Shakespeare Scotsman (Marylebone-High Wycombe-Stratford and return): Bradenham, Cropredy.
5th Dec, The Shakespeare Scotsman (Euston-Oxford-Stratford rtn): Northbrook.
BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0 73096. (12:46)
20th Mar, The Quantock Flyer (Alton-Reading-Newbury-Bishops Lydeard; Westbury-Newbury-Alton): Aldermaston, Great Bedwyn.
24th Apr, The Worcester Standard (Alton-Birmingham SH-Worcester-Alton): Upper Heyford, Budbrooke, Wokingham.
15th May, The Dorset Flyer (Alton-Weymouth and Yeovil-Frome-Alton): Winterborne Herringston, Yeovil Junction, Berkley Marsh.
2nd Oct, The South Western Standard (Alton-Reading-Newbury-Exeter-Salisbury-Alton): Mortimer, Andover, Burlescombe.
20th Nov, The Red Dragon (Alton-Cardiff and return): Callow Hill, Over.
BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T 80079. (9:07)
20th Mar, Tytherington/Westerleigh Shuttles (Yate-Tytherington-Westerleigh-Yate): Westerleigh, Iron Acton, Tytherington.
21st Mar, Avonmouth Shuttles (Severn Beach-Bristol, Bristol-Avonmouth-Bristol, Bristol-Severn Beach): Sea Mills, Hallen, Clifton Down, Crook’s Marsh.
BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T 80079 & 80098 (3:21). 
22nd May, The Inter-City Tanks (Finsbury Park-Kemble -Stourbridge Jct-Tyseley):  Milton, Coates, Churchdown.
LMS Black 5 45110 & BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T 80079 (3:19)
11th Dec, The Midlander (Nuneaton-Gloucester): Lickey Bank (Pike’s Pool).

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