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Main Line Album, 2002

Programme number: MLA2005
Running time: 60 minutes approx.
Available on Steam Age Pictures Volume 9


Click the thumbnails to see a larger version; all are JPEG files, between about 10 and 50 kB.
6024 King Edward I, Stakenbridge near Hagley6024 King Edward I, Droitwich 6024 King Edward I (12:13) 3rd Feb “The Shakespeare Express”: Wootton Warwen, Henley In Arden, Stratford Upon Avon. 31st Mar “The Cathedrals Express”: Droitwich Spa, Old Hill, Hagley, Stakenbridge. 13th Apr “The London Express”: Cholsey. 6th Oct “The Zulu”: Cholsey.
4936 & 4965, Lickey Incline 4936 Kinlet Hall, 4965 Rood Ashton Hall & 5972 Olton Hall (3:20) 6th Apr, 4936+4965, “The City Express”: Lickey Incline. 17th Nov, 5972, “The Fantasy Express”: Budbrooke, Lower Heyford. 14th Dec, 4965, “The London Express”: Hampton Gaye, Oxford.
Black 5 45407, Ouse Viaduct, Balcolme Black 5 45407 (1:47) 9th Feb “The Brighton Breezy”: Three Bridges, Balcombe.
60009, Loughborough 60009 Union Of South Africa (6:34) 23rd Mar “EWS Crew Training”: Lickey Incline, Loughborough, Wigginton. 22nd Jun “The Elgar Explorer”: Culham, Yarnton, Morton In Marsh, Radley.
4472 Flying Scotsman, Thrupp4472 Flying Scotsman, Swanley 4472 Flying Scotsman (3:13) 27th Mar “VSOE Special” to Stratford: Hampton Gaye. 7th Apr “VSOE Special” to Southampton: Swanwick. 20th Apr “VSOE Special” to Stafford: Appleford.
B1 61264, Budbrooke B1 61264 (2:37) 17th Nov “The Lacemaker”: Bradenham, Budbrooke, Croft.
Canadian Pacific, CroftonCanadian Pacific, Barford St Martin 35005 Canadian Pacific (27:54) “EWS/Steam Dreams Crew Training Specials” 14th Apr: Bentley, Buriton, Redbridge, Romsey. 15th Apr: East Grimstead, Barford St Martin, Buckhorn Weston, Salisbury, Laverstock, West Grimstead, Tisbury. 16th Apr: Dean, Tisbury, Oborne, West Grimstead, Salisbury; On-board: Salisbury, Wilton, Tisbury, Buckhorn Weston, Yeovil Junction, Oborne; Salisbury. 23rd May “Cathedrals Express” to Bristol: Ufton Nervet, Crofton, Claverton, Upton Scudamore. 21st Aug “Cathedrals Express” to Salisbury: Lee, Shawford. 22nd Aug “Cathedrals Express” to Bristol: Grateley.

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