Three Pressed Men's Recordings

Plain English

Plain English front cover (5k)

March 2000, Steam Age Records, steam 005-2 (CD).

Plain English is quite a milestone for us. It marks a transition in the band's personnel, since it includes performances from both Dave Wilmshurst and Dick Wolff. It is digitally recorded, resulting in very good sound quality. Most importantly, it is musically very mature. It consolidates material that we have been performing for several years, and includes several new departures, pointing the direction for future developments. Lastly, we have had lots of copies printed, and it is available through local shops and, hopefully, some mail order distributors. However, we recommend that you buy it directly from the band, since it's cheaper for you, and we will make a small profit - eventually!

Daddy Fox

Daddy Fox - illustration by Tom Bower

May 1998, Steam Age Records, steam 004-2 (CD), steam 004-4 (cassette).

Our first proper album, available on CD as well as cassette, Daddy Fox includes the three tracks on 3x3, one recorded live at The Oxford Folk Club, and seven new studio numbers. 150 CDs were printed and 50 cassettes, so supplies are now limited.

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3x3 logo (naff WordArt)

July 1997, Steam Age Records, steam 002-4 (cassette).

As its name is supposed to suggest, 3x3 is a set of three tracks; a sort of EP. We intended it primarily as a demo tape to send to club and festival organizers, but made enough copies to sell to friends and at gigs. There are a few still left.

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3x3 and Etiquette

Faux Pas logo

September 1997, Steam Age Records, steam 003-4 (cassette).

Etiquette was a 4 song cassette released by Faux Pas in 1995. At the request of some friends who already had copies, we recorded 3x3 onto the (blank) B-sides for a very nominal fee, and reprinted the sleeve notes. This proved very popular, so we did the same to the remaining dozen or so unsold copies. We have now sold out of this title; Sorry.

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How To Buy One

All of our recordings, except 3x3-and-Etiquette, are available from us by mail order:
Plain English CD: steam 005-2
Daddy Fox CD: steam 004-2
£ 10.00
Daddy Fox cassette: steam 004-4
£ 5.00
3x3 cassette: steam 002-4
£ 3.00

P&P: add £1.00 for one item, £1.50 for two, or £2.00 for three or more.

All prices are in UK pounds sterling. Please make cheques payable to Ian Wheeler.

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