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Three Pressed Men

Three of English folk music's hidden talents! These chaps do great things to the tradition. They are singers and instrumentalists, composers and arrangers of rare talent. Variety is the spice of life, and their performances at folk clubs and festivals are always praised for the range of styles and sounds they present. Perhaps their most distinctive feature is their use of multiple concertinas. This is not a novelty band, though...!

Traction: A New English Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band

This band just oozes rhythm, style and enthusiasm. By blending acoustic instruments with percussion and electric bass, they perform traditional and contemporary folk dance music in a manner that will have everyone, young and old, out of their seats and dancing the night away.

Affordable, portable, 8 track digital recording onto minidisk (MDD), as used to record "Plain English" by Three Pressed Men. We think the sound quality is very impressive, regardless of the price. For details, contact Mark Fry. (remove "Spam" before sending)

Traditional music around Oxford

Oxford has a thriving traditional music scene. Here are a few pointers to what's going on.
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Oxford City Morris Men

Traditional Cotswold morris dances performed in and around the City of Oxford. Find out about the team, where and when they dance, and how to join in the fun.
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Steam Trains on video

A range of programmes documenting British steam locomotives at work on preserved lines and on the main line. There are more than 50 titles available now, and still lots more to come. All proceeds go towards the running and restoration of some of the locomotives.
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